Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Manchester YSA Conference 2009: Saturday evening " Earth shattering"

The evening meal was a vast improvement on last years Saturday meal. I could tell what it was for a start! It was lasagne and if that wasn’t enough we also got ice cream for desert and not cheap ice cream either. Really nice upmarket stuff. My only small disappointment was as I was near the head of the queue I got strawberry ice cream and it was only when they ran out of that, that they changed to chocolate. Not a massive, earth shattering disappointment though I’m sure you’ll agree.

I also met some new people during the meal as well as they came and sat with me, which was great as it meant I was meeting even more new people. I had also noted that I was getting a lot of hellos from people ( calling me by name) but I had no idea who they were. Either I met even more new people last year then I thought, I met them before and just forgot or for some reason more people know me then visa versa.

There was a 2 hour gap between dinner and the start of the ball. Now it’s not that I’m embracing a stereotype but lets be honest, that much preparation time probably isn’t used by the guys is it. It’s probably a case that the girls use all the time to get ready, the guys lay around for 1 hour fifty minutes then get ready in less then ten : - )

I headed over to the main centre getting the strangest sense of deja-vu as I did so, but I suppose that wasn’t surprising as it is was my 4th conference. This year we had a carousel outside as the ride. Well we’ve had dodgems; we’ve had a big wheel, and had a carousel this year so I wonder if it will change again next year. Are we going for the full ‘set’ of fairground ridges perhaps?

Inside I was surprised to see that they had set up lots of chairs and tables for people to sit at. I also noticed that the lights were more or less on full and the music was very low but that was nothing compared to the biggest shock I received when I looked at the refreshment table and this really did count as earth shattering. There was NO CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! We were having a YSA ball with out a chocolate fountain!

What? You don’t think that counts as earth shattering? Never mind moving swiftly on….

I was only there a few minutes before running into J Alfred and Miss Swan who asked me to come and join them. They decided to do some dancing but me. Well I was going to sit there and watch because as most people know I don’t dance that often. Probably something to do with the fact that I dance the way the incredible hulk walks. However that plan went right out of the window when a rather nice girl suddenly bounded over and told me politely but firmly that I was going to come and dance. I know, I’m forced to dance by a pretty girl oh how tough is my life right : - )? In fact I actually stayed up dancing for quite some time which probably the thing which surprised me ( and anyone who’s every seen my lack of dancing at some dances) no end.

I saw the French guy I had met during the dance class last year and decided to introduce himself to Miss Swan. Now he wanted to ask Miss Swan how tall she was as he wanted to see if she would be a good dance partner as he’s quite tall. However his question lost something in translation as what he actually asked was “ What size are you?” The look on her face was a classic as I don’t think I’ve ever seen her eyes bug out that fair through surprise : - ) as I don’t think she was sure what he was asking.

We had a band as usual and music playing during the breaks with a lot of typical ‘dance’ songs as well as one which left me baffled as they started to play “ The vengabus is coming” which prompted a huge cheer and a lot of YSA to run onto the dance floor including J Alfred and Miss Swan to join in a surprisingly co-ordinated dance. I finally came to the conclusion that it was some to do with EFY either that or subliminal messaging in the music. Either possibility is likely at this point

All too soon the evening came to an end and it was time for the devotional which set the spirit for the next day beautifully.

Overall it had been a much better Saturday then last year. I was starting to get the feeling though then making new friends, this year would probably be more about renewing friendships and acquaintances and making some new acquaintances as well.

I decided to be good and was in bed shortly before Mid night, trying to ignore the booming music coming across the corridor. Either a YSA had bought some full size speakers with him or he had the best mini-speakers in the world.

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