Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sounds like a good idea

I remember once reading a book ( which was a sci-fi book naturally :-) which talked about how Humans on another planet due to them having such wild parties had stretched their week out to eight days so they had Sunday1 and Sunday2. Sunday1 allowing them a day to recover from Saturday and Sunday2 to do all the usual Sunday stuff.

Now although I wasn't too keen on the story as a whole theres something about having a three day weekend that does appeal.

I'll admit that was a slightly random thought but it was the first thing to flash through my mind this morning when I woke up as I lay there pondering the decision to get up and quite why we seemed to have church so early on a Sunday morning. Do we have it at that time because if it was any earlier most people would be late as they just can't get up that early on a Sunday morning and if we had it people would never learn anything in the last lessons as they would be all sitting there thinking how hungry they were?

Who knows?

We had a fireside tonight ( not literally at a fireside in case any of my non lds readers were wondering) to celebrate the 40th aniversary of our ward, well being a ward. It was very interesting especially as they had nearly all of the surviving bishops there to give a brief talk/testimony. They also had lots of photos on display. I managed to avoid being in any of them (yaah!) although they did have one of photo of Tap dance when she had one of her mega perm hairstyles.

They also had a lot of news clippings from the fire. I didn't realise quite how much damage had been done to the building, £200,000 + but I also didn't know that the chapel had then been broken into only a couple of weeks later after the fire.

Well it's Monday tomorrow which means it's the start of another week and all of the oppotunities that it will bring.

But hey if there are too many problems I know how to get them fixed
" With new computermabob!"

Later folks.

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