Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still not totally happy

I'm still not impressed with the council plans regarding car parking spaces but as Grumpy pointed out when I told him about it this evening theres no point stewing about it as it is two years away and a lot of things can happen in two years.

It's been an interesting day. I now have yet another plan to add to the stack of plans I currently have underway. So I think I need a plan to keep track of the plans. Still at least I am proving the male stereotype wrong and I am actually multi-tasking successfully. The next thing will be learning to delegate which I should be able to do with a couple of them starting next week.

Which does remind that I ought to make the most of my evening tomorrow as it will be the last Wednesday night I have free for a while :-)

Strangest news of the day came when I heard that they are planning to do a adapation of the popular travel game Battleships. Quite how this one will work I have no idea.

Maybe it's time for hollywood to get some new ideas rather then ripping off old games and TV shows perhaps?


Later folks


drat said...

hey saxon... I also cant belive this crazy thing. I mean, what if you run a company that is in a rural location? what if you run a company where people HAVE to drive to work? what if you are not "disabled" but have some kind of problem where you couldnt walk or cycle in (eg a broken leg) or if you are too old to want to be out in the cold.

what if there are no busses? will this be the end of "communter zones"?

I know that grumpy says that you shouldnt moan, but for once I am with you on this. There has to be a better way to moan.

Is there any protest to join? any pettition? can we find out who is making these choices and ask them to stop hitting workers hard?

its totaly crazy, and its another reason for people on benifits to not want to go to work.

I know that, if it happened at our studio, people would just park on the streets and roads outside, instead of in the company car park.

I think that maybe this could be something.... use your blog for the power of good. why dont you find some good links to politics sites that are protesting it, or petitions, or things we can do to stop this!

this would be hell in the south west, as the area is a lot more spread out, and people need to drive into the city.

Saxon said...

at the moment it seems to be only aimed at companies inside the city limit. My guess is if they roll this out to other cities companies will have to be inside city limits to be subject to this 'levy' cough, cough tax cough so rural companies will be okay.

This is where the levy falls down in that some people 'have to drive' I don't think they've realised this. Their excuse that the levy will be used to expand public transport i.e the trams isn't popular as everyone is aware how long it took the original tram to be constructed.

no protests or pettions yet but it will only be a matter of time.

Their talking about issuing parking permits to residents to stop workers parking in residental streets. Which won't be popular as that means regardless of whether or not they take their car to work or leave it outside their house some people will still have to pay!

We're also anticipating a appearence of a lot of new double yellow lines.