Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Kinda Scary

It was once again time to put some petrol in the car this morning. I always make sure that I fill up at the ‘cheap garage’ where the petrol is only £1.04. ( #~*!$% government fuel duty). Whilst I was putting the petrol in I happened to notice the in depth list of instructions on the pump and for the first time I was suddenly struck in how scary they were. Not the actual instructions more that they were so blindingly obvious it could only mean that someone, somewhere had actually done the thing they were telling you not to do.

For example, don’t leave your engine on when filling your car with petrol and don’t walk away whilst pumping petrol into your car. Now considering that to pump petrol you have to keep the handle depressed the only way someone could have done this was to tie the handle in the open position!

As the saying goes you can make idiot-proof systems but you can’t make system proof idiots.

We had one of those ‘days’ at work today where you seem to get lots of bizarre and crazy conversations. Somehow I was declared King, followed by being declared the not so secret King of a secret society of ninjas. This only came about after someone misheard a conversation about a Fish killing a sock puppet!........ Oh don’t look like that, I bet you’ve had some crazy conversations at work as well.

The weather seems to have switched to autumn weather as it’s really sunny but also quite cold. It was so cold first thing that I think I need to locate where ever my sweatshirts have gone in the rubbish tip that is otherwise known as my room.

Speech Debelle has apparently won the Mercury prize. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe I’m just not with it anymore assuming I was with it to begin with as I’m not too sure what It is! But I’ve never heard of this woman before. Has she released songs and I’ve just not noticed?

In geek new Richard curtis, writer of four weddings and a funeral and Blackadder will be writing a episode in the new series of Doctor Who. It’s a shame he couldn’t have done it before as I think David Tennant would have been great in it. This new guy who will be taking over from him is still very much an unknown quantity and let’s face it, he has one heck of a pair of shoes to fill.

I’ve finished the first phase of my current modelling project. Some of the initial comments I received from people were along the lines of “ You’ve turned WallE evil!” and “ Look it’s Wall E’s evil twin brother”. That will all become clear when I post some pics.

Social has gone on Holiday to the USA . I was meaning to ask her that if she saw anybody I knew ( which is likely as lets face there are quite a lot of former YSA over there) to give them a hug from me. However that idea unfortunately slipped my mind and I forgot to ask. So sorry to anyone who does see her, I would have sent you a hug if I remembered. I do wonder ( to embrace a cliché) if I would forget my head sometimes if it wasn’t screwed on.

I got home to find that Grumpy and Owen were not 'talking to each other'. Owen had run off with one of Grumpys slipers and left it somewhere and Grumpy couldn't find it. However it seemed to be more down to Grumpy embracing the male stereotype of not being able to find anything then to how good Owen had hid it as it took me about 2 minutes to find it!


Later folks!

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