Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Manchester YSA Conference 2009: Sunday morning " conundrum"

Now every Sunday morning of conference always brings a great conundrum. What do you wear to breakfast? Now some people wear jeans and t-shirts, other pyjama’s with a sweatshirt over the top, others as we’re supposed to wear our church clothes all day get fully dressed and go to breakfast like that.

I always tend to go for the middle ground. Trousers and a ‘posh’ t-shirt. Now I could wear my suit by seeing as I can be clumsy sometimes and irony likes to mess with me, I know that trying to go and have a friend breakfast whilst waiting my suit is asking for trouble to such an extent I might as well spray ketchup down my front and be done with it in advance : - )

The other conundrum which came up during the day, we know we’re not supposed to go to the shops on a Sunday but how about using vending machines? Any thoughts anyone?

It was the usual separate priesthood/relief society meetings first thing. The guys were in Owen’s park as usual, as I was walked there I passed two extremely bored looking campus policeman. I suppose with a site full of church members there wasn’t a lot for them to as there wasn’t going to be any drunken fights for them to break up was there?

The priesthood session consisted of a question and answer session with the area authority. Now I know ( more or less) how to pronounce his name, I just have no idea how to spell it ( he’s German).

Before the start of the session J Alfred was asking me what ‘part’ I sang in hymns. I had to admit my appalling lack of knowledge when it comes to that part of singing. So he then explained things! Which was great as I now know what people mean when they took about ‘parts’ in singing. Still can’t sing though. I’m aware of where my talents lie and they certainly don’t lie in anything singing based : - )

After the priesthood session we made our way across to the main centre ( it’s quite a yomp across the campus) to meet up with the girls for the main conference session. Which was very good. The only downside was that those chairs are still as uncomfortable as ever!

There was a bit of noise down one side of the hall out of our line of sight, next moment there were several YSA rushing outside which probably meant that someone had fainted. I don’t think we’ve gone for one conference without someone fainting.

The distribution problems with lunch continued as even though they had set up two lines the lines stretched right the way around the edges of the hall and even passed each other at one point. J Alfred suggested that instead of waiting in the queue we simply sit and wait for the queues to die down. While we were waiting he decided to educate me in the ways of church films such as “ Singles ward”. I realised that I hadn’t seen any church films like that! It’s like some entire sub-culture I’ve missed out on : - )

We joined the queue eventually and found the flaw in our plan. Some of the YSA who had gone before in the queue could not have been totally honest, as there was nearly no fruit left, all the crisps had gone, and there were only very few sandwiches left. I grabbed some sandwiches and a small box of raisins. Only to then discover that my tuna fish sandwich wasn’t just tunafish. It also had onions in it! Which left me baffled who eats tuna and onion?

I went back to try and swap it but discovered that everything that had left had onions in it, for example cheese and onion and beef and onion. I resigned myself at this point to only having a box of raisins for Lunch! Fortunately J Alfred took pity on me and as he had the last of the plain tuna fish sandwiches he decided to give me one of them.

Maybe I need to take some crisps with me as back up next year?


anne said...

We have quite a few church DVD's if you want to borrow them - Singles Ward, Singles Ward 2, The RM, The Home Teachers, Baptists at our BBQ and a few more!

Sam said...

tuna and spring onion is great!

Saxon said...

I'll take your word for that Sam

Saxon said...

That would be great Anne. I don't want to keep missing this important 'culture' do-hickey now do i?

Do-hickey is a technical term :-)