Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Manchester YSA Conference 2009: Sunday afternoon "standing room only"

Feeling the start of a headache coming on I decided to be a bit naughty and skip the first afternoon workshop for a quick nap as when it comes to headaches prevention is better then cure. Or to put it another way if I get a nap before it becomes a full blown headache, it won’t become a full blown headache.

I was up in what I considered plenty of time to get back to the main centre for the afternoon workshops. And as it turned out what I considered to be plenty of time was a totally wrong guess. Every workshop I tried was full to bursting, Bro H’s was especially full as a guy manning the door said it was “ Standing room only and even that’s taken!” .

So slightly bemused I decided to head back to my room as I didn’t know what else to do!

I made sure I was back at the centre nice and early for the fireside which followed the workshops. The fireside was by Kenneth cope (he’s a church member from America who writes and sings songs for all my non LDS readers). Now initially when somebody said Kenneth cope I asked who? The look I was given was probably along the lines of something I would expect if I had admitted that I was related to an evil dictator.

Now I admit I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the fireside but it was absolutely fantastic. You could really feel the spirit so powerfully in that room. I even felt myself start to feel a bit teary at a couple of songs the spirit was that strong.

After the fireside it was time for Dinner. I made my way back across Campus with J Alfred and Miss Swann, trying to walk as fast as possible as it started to rain! Which was annoying for a number of reasons not least that I had left the umbrella in my room. I was also annoyed as two lads walked past talking about the fireside and said something along the lines of
“ That was abysmal and a waste of time. What kind of looser would think that music was good?”
I was tempted to tap them on the shoulder at that point and say something along the lines of
“Yo. This looser!”

Dinner matched the high standard of the previous nights dinner. Of course it was the one kind of foot that you really want when wearing suits and white shirts. Roast dinner with gravy! Unfortunately my stand in dinner bib, i.e my tie failed me this year and I managed to get a blob of gravy right in the middle of my shirt. Due to the size queue we decided to cheat a bit and reserved a table using our bags. As well as the high standard of food it was also a nice dinner as the three of us were able to have a really nice in depth conversation and generally catch up with where each of us were in our lives etc.

After dinner we had enough time to have a short break before the evenings fun and games began.


anne said...

Sounds like you've had a great time!

Saxon said...

I did, it was a very good weekend.