Monday, September 07, 2009

Didn't realise people noticed these things

Now I'll admit in my little 'pool' of skills, talents and knowledge being fashion concious is one trait that certainly wasn't added to the mix.

But even I with my somewhat limited knowledge have realised that I should really start getting some new clothes as A) It's been a while and B) I need a better selection of stuff especially t-shirts and the like. I was wearing one shirt on the last day of conference when I started getting a couple of funny looks. It was at this point I suddenly remembered that I was wearing a shirt which although one of my smartest was one I had bought from the ones that are sold in the bar at work. So wearing a t-shirt that says " Bugman's The Dwarf drinking hole" is going to get me some looks at a church event.

So this is a round about way of saying I have been out buying some new stuff including some jeans.

This morning unable to find any trousers to hand I decided to wear my new jeans as well their pretty smart as their still quite new and lots of other people wear jeans to work as well ( it's a smart casual kinda office). However I was surprised at the number of people who commented on the fact that I was wearing Jeans. I wasn't aware that people noticed these things.

Grumpys not too happy this evening as two new series start which he watches and their both on at exactly the same time! Fortunatly a program he was watching isn't on tonight otherwise there would have been three programs he wanted to watch on at the same time. He's not impressed right now with whoever comes with the TV Schedules.

We're also having fun and games with the recyling people at the moment. For those of you not aware ( probably my US readers) we have normal 'wheelie' bins which are collected every other week. Every other other week we have to put our the orange bags, green bags and the green box which contain things like bottles, cans, paper etc which can be recycling.

However they have now decided that we don't need to seperate the recyclbles into two different bags we can put them into one which will be purple! ( don't ask me where they get the colours from I don't have a clue) which kind of begs the question why we had to go to the hastle of seperating everything to begin with.

But a news report has said that they will now do away with the purple bags and are considering giving each house hold a smaller wheelie bin which will be used for general waste whilst we use the old 'big black wheelie bin' for the recyclble stuff. No news yet on what colour the new smaller bin will be ( white maybe) and if the red bins used for garden waste are changing.

Yes we have a bin for Garden waste, which for those of you keeping score technically means we have five different bins/bags/boxes to put rubbish in. Quite why throwing rubbish out has got so technical I have no idea.


Later folks!

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