Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lost in spaaccceeee.......

Apparently that TV show I mentioned a few weeks ago Defying gravity seems to have met a early end and seems to have been cancelled. Described as Greys anatomy in space it seems to have been a mismash of ideas which didn't do any of them real justice. Although when talking about this someone thought I was talking about the muppet show as they only caught the " in space" part so they should I was talking about " Pigs in spaccceeee....". Which now means when ever I hear someone mention that show I just keep imagining the premise said in the same way
" Greys anatomy in spaccceeee...."

Talking of things being lost in space it seems that Nasa is in serious trouble as their current budget seems unable to cover the plans for their new space ship. I think the trouble is that real life spaceflight seems to have lost it's ability to inspire. How can a space shuttle compare to a X wing or a Battlestar? People have just got used to a spacecraft that goes up then comes down, then up again, then down again. Even the construction of the space station seems boring as people fail to relise just how great a achievement the thing is!

Then also consider the latest news to come out of the space program. They may have discovered a vacine againist samonella. Which although impressive isn't really up there with discovering a cure for major diseases now is it?

In celebrity news mischa barton has apparently proven that she's fully recovered by showing a clip from her new film.... which she recorded before all of the problems of the summer. So quite how showing something she did before her problems proves she's over her problems is a logic that quite frankly escapes me right now.

In other celebrity news a scene from Megan fox's new film has been 'leaked' ( cough marketing strategy cough cough) showing her kissing another girl. Which makes me wonder just how bad this film is, if that's what their pushing as a main marketing point.


Later folks!

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