Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The benefits of teamwork.

This Summer definately in no way shape or form coming to a Cinema near you, Saxon and Engineseer stay in the YSA and the last crystal crusade for the Garage of Doom!
In the cold light of Day this morning I couldn't help but wonder if I had, had the brightest of ideas. Talking about cleaning the Garage is one thing, actually doing it is quite another as this is one awaited Engineseer and I. Or at least it did once Engineseer got out of bed (cough hour late cough cough. This is a view of the garage from the side door looking down the garage.
And this is the view of the corner of the garage which you could see in the photo above. See it was no mean feat we had set outselves and we had but one day to do it.
This is the pile of stuff we had moved out of the garage in the first half an hour alone. Engineseer looks rather pleased with himself doesn't he. He doesn't realise yet who is going to be breaking down all that cardboard, he, he, he.

This is Engineseer in the passengers seat of Grumpys Car just before we out to go to the local tip to get rid of some of the rubbish from the garage. You can see just how crammed full the back of the car is with rubbish here. We even had the back seats down to get more room.
This is us at the tip. Engineseer seemed to be throughly enjoying himself throwing stuff into skips.
Back at Saxon HQ as it were, it was lunch time and it was time for food. We went for something a bit different and had bacon sarnies using french stick instead of bread. It was rather nice and certainly different.
Whilst clearing the garage we had found the lawn chairs so after a quick dust down we decided to sit in the garden and enjoy the wonderful sun and Blue sky. We had nice weather, nice food, nice drink. If only we'd had a couple of geekettes it would have been as close to perfect as a afternoon could have been.
No this isn't a random shot of a jungle. This is actually the back garden. Believe it or not (engineseer didn't) there is a pond in there somewhere and a greenhouse. I have a feeling this might be out next service project :-) No wait Engineseer come back it was a joke I promise.

After lunch we got back to work and Engineseer had a bright idea. He suggested that we open the garage door. However this wasn't as simple as it first appeared. The runners on either side of the door had popped out and the door was near enough impossible to open. As this was a challenge, Engineseer refused to give up and we got the door open. He was then confident that he could fix the door and tackled it in the typical engineering way. Using a hammer. In this photo he's looking quizically at the door as he's just managed to jam it open and he's not sure how.

Don't worry he did manage to get it free eventually and the door is now fixed.

By late afternoon it's not perfect but we're getting there. We were slightly hamstrung as there was a lot of stuff that we didn't know if Grumpy would want or not so we found room for it and I'll check with him when he returns.
We're all but done by this point. Admitally it does still look a little crowded by the photo doesn't really show how much room we had managed to clear.

And we're done. Yes I know it looks a little messy still but that's the best we could do with the time we had. We think it looks good though and if you look at the photos at the start it does look a lot better.
and this is the corner of the garage. As you can see it's also a heck of a lot better.
So all that's left now is to get Grumpys reaction when he returns home tomorrow. Engineseer and I were feeling quite pleased with ourselves by the end of the day and we think we did a good job.
It would also be remiss of me not to publically say thank you to Engineseer for giving up what of his days off and coming to help me clean. Thank you Engineseer and I think we can consider this as one crossed of the list!
later folks!


Guild Family said...

Well done for doing all that work. It looks like you had fun too :-)Guess what? I have started blogging! I'm still learning, so bear with me!

anne said...

The garage looks good, I can see your next project has to be the garden. definitely room to loose a few EQ members in there.

Saxon said...

I've already looked at your new blog. It's great and I've added a link to it in my blog roll list, so you better keep it up to date :-)

Saxon said...

Probably a few YM as well.