Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's back.......

Well my free run of the house has ended, Grumpy is now back from Holiday so I'm going to have to start tidying up after myself straight away rather then later. However he had forgotten I was off work this week so didn't ring to ask me to go and collect him until after the time I usually get home from work. Of course this meant after the trip to get him and bring him home there was no way I was able to get to institute this evening, which was the last one of the course :-( Oh well, C'est la vie I guess.

He was very impressed with the work Engineseer and I did in the garage and even more impressed when I explained Engineseer had managed to fix the garage door too.

Well asides from that I had a very 'easy' day today and just spent most of the time doing some painting and then some reading. I'm feeling impressed with myself as it's been three days so far of my Holiday and I haven't wasted lots of time watching DVD's or got sucked into the mind draining world of daytime TV once.

For those of you who might not have noticed I've also updated the blogs that I read list. The link to Mike's lamented blog has now gone seeing as it disappeared without trace but I've found a few new blogs to take it's Place. Brittany was a american YSA who came to study in Leicester for one year. The Kears are a family from Loughborough wards as well as the Englands and the Scotts. SG or SW as was has also started her own blog so please pop over there and visit her blog as it's always nice for people just starting their blogs to get comments to keep them encouraged and motivated to keep going with it.

Well that's all for now folks,

see you tomorrow.

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