Thursday, June 12, 2008

Okay lets hope this isn't a sign

Well either Grumpy 'bought' the weather back with him from Holiday or it's a sign. Start of Holiday lovely weather, getting to the end of Holiday and work starting again weather goes bad. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but then again it isn't paranoria if they are out to get me. Not that I have any proof that they are so that might mean...... Wait I've gone and confused myself again. Where was I?

Oh yes. The lovely blue skies of the past few days have disappeared and it's been raining and overcast for a large chunk of the day.

If you haven't visited Nemesis's Blog today . Go visit it right now for her big news. ( which I only heard about second hand via facebook mind you:-) Although to be fair I think she only has my work address and as my work email sometimes decides to loose emails ( don't ask me why it even confuses our IT team, which is worrying in itself) it's possible that she might have emailed. ( and based on her comment she left earlier it looks like that's exactly what happened stupid email!) Both Engineseer and I were glad to see one of the male US YSA finally woke up and left their consoles long enough to realise she was there.

Of course that might be a bit harsh to judge all male US YSA like that but as Nemesis said in a post one time at one US YSA activity the girls were in the hot tub and the guys were upstairs playing on Consoles, (D'ohh!! I should have asked if anybody bothered to check they were still breathing) it doesn't bode well for the common sense levels of the majority.

So only one more day of Holiday left. I have to admit that I'm feeling more full of energy that I have done in a while ( I'm sure the first week of work will beat that back out of me :-) It would be better if we could get money without having to work wouldn't it? Not going to happen but it would be nice. I also feel I have a lighter outlook on things. Well it's that or I just feel like I have a lighter outlook as I had my hair cut today. :-) You decide!

My new 'assignment' for church is not going too well right now. I'm having to do even more chasing to try and get some announcements as I've had zero so far. I can see me having to do a lot of chasing for a little while until people get used to this, or I'm always going to be chasing people for announcements. Place your bets now Ladies and Gentleman for what it's going to be.

later folks!


Nemesis said...

HEY! I totally emailed you. I thought it was to your work address, but maybe you didn't get it.

Saxon said...

I didn't get it. Although knowing my email theres a good chance that the computer decided to 'eat' the email. Because it didn't do it's other patented trick of actually indicating a email is there but not showing it.

Technology, b'leh!!

Anyway, sorry if that sounded like a neg comment at all.

and again Congratulations!