Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hop along Saxon

It's for want of a better term, been a interesting day. It started this morning while I was making breakfast, Tapdance stopped by to drop a book off for Grumpy and let herself in by the back door. I didn't hear her and she made me jump when she suddenely appeared through the lounge door!

The journey into work was 'interesting' as well as I had a really twit driving behind me who obivousily decided his job was to get as close to the back of the car as possible and stay there regardless of my efforts to get some distance between us. It was rather nerve wracking as all it would have taken was one thing to cause me to break suddenly and he was going into the back of me, sure as sure.

And things continued to be interesting at work. There was a bunch of canandians going round the building. But no one initially seemed quite sure who there were here visiting as they were a bunch of teachers. Still stranger things have happened and frequently do in that building.

I got a call from someone who wanted to be a author and wanted to know if he could submitt a manuscript. I asked him which imprint he was interested in and he replied
" The science fiction one"
At a guess I would say this guy had not done his homework.

I also had a discussion with Mr G about two models I was painting on my desk. His response was that he found the one on the left more scary. Which gave us pause to reflect that ours is probably one of the few businesses in the world where you can have discussions like that about painted models and not be considered crazy.

I also started having problems with my leg late in the afternoon.The back of it been sore the past few days but today was the first day it was starting to hurt whilst I was sitting down. I tried several times to call the doctors to get an appointment. But had no luck there mainly due to the fact that they didn't pick up the darn phone.

When I got home Grumpy suggested that rather then trying to keep getting an appointment at the doctors if there weren't answering to go to the NHS walk in centre tonight. Which I did do and that was an experience all in itself.

The reception not the most friendly place in the world as I had to yell to make myself heard through the safety glass. I had to wait an hour and ten minutes to get seen which was abut what I was expecting. The time would have gone quicker had it not been for the mother with her 'supernanny'candiate child behind me. She must have told the Lad 'no don't do that' at least 35 times in twenty minutes then seemed surprised that he didn't listen.

I finally got to see a nurse who had a look at my leg. It seems that I've done something to the ligament, (she said pulled or strained I can't remember which,) which fortunately wasn't too bad but the downside is it's going to take a while to heal. So it might be sore for a while yet. I've having to keep putting ice on it and take anti-inflamatorys, get up for a walk round the office at least once a hour while at work, and no cycling till it's healed. Which is very annoying. If it doesn't get any better within a couple of weeks she said to go back to see my GP. Which if that is the case I will do. If someone at that flipping surgery picks up the phone.

I would have come home and consoled myself with some choclate but I remembered I've kept the house empty of choclate to avoid tempetation when I am depressed. Darn it, the one time I actually remember to avoid getting something.

oh well,

later folks

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