Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here comes the rain again

Well I suppose I shouldn't really complain. We've had several days of Sun so with the wonderful British weather the chances were that we were going to get some rain sooner or later. And well we have. A whole lot of it, which made driving home very interesting :-)

I had another one of those " Have to throw myself out of bed or I'm not going to get up" kind of mornings. I did get a nice surprise however as Hyper rang up to say thank you for his Birthday present. I would have loved to chat to him longer but the trouble was I had to leave to go to work.

Work was good, if a little quiet as a lot of people were out of the office today. Tomorrow's going to be fun as we're going out for a presenation followed by a meal as a thank you for all our hard work this year. It's always nice to go out for a meal ( especially when someone else is paying)

Grumpy's out tonight visiting one of his friends. And he's out tomorrow as well as he's going to visit Media. I was tempted to wind him up about not drinking the water in Northampton ( they've got to boil water down there at the moment as there's some sort of bug in the water system) but knowing his sense of humour he probably wouldn't see the funny side :-) That bug must be doing wonders for their tourism at the moment down in Northampton " Welcome to the UK, Don't drink the water!"

There was slightly more depressing news as they reckon petrol is going to hit £1.50 as the summer goes on. The governments not saying anything but surely their going to have to cut tax sooner or later otherwise prices will be going through the roof left right and centre. Remember out petrol is something like £1.18 on average at the moment. With out our stupidly high tax it would be the cheapest in europe, something like only 40 pence!

I finally managed to get enough announcements together and get some info from the bishopric so I could do a bulletin for this week. Boy was it like pulling teeth. I can only hope it gets better as time goes on ( and I would like a million pounds, a new car and a geekette too).... Sorry must stop being so cynical.

I also got a email from the EQ president who wants to talk to me and Engineseer on Sunday about a Home teaching assignment. Lets all take three guess what they've decided to do to solve my home teaching issues shall we???


later folks!


Scully said...

Here in Eastern Washington we have the opposite problem. Never ending days of sun and 90+ degrees (that's 32+ Celsius) from mid-June to September. It makes me crazy. I spend most of the summer wishing and praying for a good rainy day. Or week. I think I'm the opposite of most people - I get SAD when there is too much sun!

Saxon said...

We're like that in England. It rains all summer we complain. It's sunny and hot all summer we complain.

I think we'll never be totally happy with the weather in this country until someone invents a weather control device.