Friday, June 06, 2008

Now I know I never put that in there

Same old same old this morning. The alarm went off and it was a start of another day. Although at least today I managed to turn the alarm off with out falling off the side of the bed. Granted its something I've managed many times before but after yesterdays screw up I'll take my victories where I can thank you very much.

It was the final day of driving Grumpys car to work as I have finally made it. It's finally here. My week off, YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I really wasn't sure if I was going to make it at one point without going screamingly insane. Of course I'm not sure if anybody would have noticed mind you but there you go.

Most of today was a final push to make sure everything was clear so when Ragnar covers next week he shouldn't have anything long running to deal with. I say shouldn't as Irony does like to play with me sometimes and theres always the possibility that something slipped through. Lets hope nothing has, hey.

I also used it as an excuse to clear up my desk, which was interesting if only for some of the odd surprises I found buried at the back of some of the drawers. It was a mix between " I was wondering where I put that" and " I'm sure I never put that in there!"

There's als been a quite serious leak from the main business and lots of photos from products that aren't released until October have hit the internet. I did find it slightly interesting as I haven't actually seen these models before, I'm sure Engineseer and Black Widow think I'm joking when I say I usually see stuff on the internet before actually seeing it despite working at HQ. It sounds crazy but I'm not joking. And it's thanks to muppets like this why we usually can't see stuff as the security is so high and after this is lightly to go even higher!

as I've said before it only takes one muppet to ruin it for all of us.

Well it's the weekend now. Time to kick back, relax and try not to do too much. I know it's a hard couple of days ahead of me, but I guess someone has to do it :-)

later folks!


Rhonda said...

Your "Same old, same old" reminds me of that Bill Murray movie Ground Hog Day. (It was Bill Murray, right?)

Anyways....sounds like you are keeping up well with your life. Is it hot yet? We are due extreme hot weather just in time for all of Elijah's baseball games to be held on a field with no shade by the bleachers.

Yay for us!

Sian (sw) actually it should be Sg now :-) said...

Hi Chris! I have finally got around to reading your blog. It's very interesting!

Saxon said...

we did actually get some sunny weather today rhonda and it was quite warm. Of course with the English weather theres no telling how long it will last.

Saxon said...

Hi SW/SG/Sian... I think I might have to come up with a better codename for you.

Glad your finally here.:-)

Ragnar Karlsson said...

Eh, Chris? Give me a bell would you mate, 8472, Rik doesn't have your number and I don't seem to be able to get into a certain voicemail inbox! R

Alice Wills Gold said...

Sounds like you should be enjoying some time off work....wish I could do the same....but since my work all live under my nose, I rarely get a whole week off....someday, and maybe I will come to Enlgand!

Saxon said...

Oops. Sorry Ragnar I guess I must have forgot to check that you knew that.

Saxon said...

I am enjoying my time off work a lot Alice. And if you ever do come to England I'll be more then happy to be a tour guide for you.