Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's all going a bit weird

It's been very strange for the past couple of days. The sky has been a very funny colour indeed. Rather then the usual dark grey it's been blue, very blue in fact and theres been no clouds and theres this round giant yellow thing in the sky, which we're not very familiar with at all. It's not like one of our usual summers, not at all.

Not that we're complaining of course. After the hell of last summer, and the rain, rain, rain and more rain we'll take all the nice days we can get. One of the more interesting side effects of this good weather is that it's been so bright most people have been freaking out when they wake up myself included as it just seems too bright for 7am in the morning and you can't help but feel a small stab of worry that you might have overslept.

Which I did feel when I woke up this morning when my alarm went off and I rolled out of bed. Well actually in this case, really did roll out of bed as I over reached when trying to turn my alarm off and slipped off the side of the bed before I could stop myself. Oh well, it might have hurt (a lot) but at least it woke me up quicker then I have done all week.

It's never a good sign when you get to work and you fine what might seem like a third of the company hanging around outside. If's even less of a good sign when this third of the company, this company which makes wargames and consists of a large percentage of burly guys, are hanging around oohing and Arhing and going on about the cuteness factor. Seriousily I don't think I have seen anything more scary then what I saw this morning as everbody watched the mother duck take the new ducklings from the nest right round the building to the canal. Remember some of these guys spend their days inventing nasty aliens, tanks and all sort of weirds and wonderful things. To see them referring to ducklings as really really cute whilst having stupid grins across their face is remarkably unsetttling.

Yes as you may have noticed from the photos in the previous post ( or not noticed if you haven't got there yet in which case I've spoilt that for you, sorry !) the ninja ducks have left us and there was me thinking at the start of work that the nija ducks and scary levels of cuteness which seem to affect so many staff members would be the strangest thing to happen that day.

Yeah I was wrong and I know I should have really seen that coming a freaking mile off.

Mid way through the morning with the windows all flung wide open we suddenly hear at full volume

" Attention, attention, this vehicle is under attack. Please call the police"

Repeating over and over and over again. We quickly run to the windows to see a security van sitting outside of the front of reception. But there's nobody around it. In fact theres a guy sitting inside it looking embrassed but nobody else. So who was attacking it??

Well the short answer is no one. The vans security alarm suddenely decided to go off by itself. Which set off this warning, imbolised the van and locked all the doors. So the guy sitting inside it couldn't get out or turn the alarm off. He had to wait for someone from his HQ to turn it off. It got rather annoying after a while listening to this alarm blaring over and over and over and over........ Well you get the idea.

Smack on mid day most of the office rushed outside as there was a big enviromental event on about alternative forms of transport and how we could help the environment by taking the bus etc. Now before you start to think how environmentally minded of us there is one other bit of infomation I need to confess. Everybody who turned up to the even got a free ice cream. I'm sure you can figure out why 90% of the company really went.

Mind you some people did try and make a effort to appear that they were at least a bit interested in the environmental stuff. They were even offering free 'health MOT's" which mainly seemed to consist of taking peoples blood pressure. Some people did seem interested in that, or at least they did until one of the first people was told he should go and see his doctor asap as his blood pressure was so high. After that a lot of people lost interest in that particular part of the even and concentrated on their ice cream. I wasn't concentrating on the ice cream so much. I more spent my time wondering why someone was dressed up in a giant kangaroo suit and what the heck did that have to do with the environment.

I spent a large chunk of the afternoon working as hard as possible to clear as much as I can before my holiday next week ( one more day to go, one more day to go) Although things did get interesting towards the end of the day when the samples of our first ever audiobook turned up. Which has two stories from our best selling HH series ( mechanicus you'll like these stories) which admitally is a somewhat strange series in that it's a really popular series but all hard core fans of our tabletop game know how it's going to end anyway. I guess in this case it's more about the journey rather then destination.

Wow that sounded very yoda-ish of me. I guess I better stop that before people start thinking I have brains or something.

Any how. that's all for now folks. I'm going to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunset. I'm not going near the TV as Big brother about to start it's new series. Why channel 4 why?? Haven't we suffered enough??

later :-)


Ragnar Karlsson said...

The kangaroo suited person at the event the other day is because you can buy a kangaroo ticket which allows you to use the buses, trams and some central trains services all day for a single fixed price. Clearly you were only there for the ice cream!

Saxon said...

yeah, me and the majority of people out there :-)