Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to the old grindstone

Well it was back to work today. If only you could get paid without having to go to work. It would be so much easier, or I suppose it would mean your on the dole.

Getting into work was weird. It didn't seem like a week since I last made the journey. Of course my immediate problem was getting to my desk as in my absence several boxes of samples had arrived and people had helpfully decided to stake them all on my desk stopping me from getting anywhere close to my computer to turn the darn thing on. It took me five minutes to clear enough boxes to get to my desk and turn the computer on.

I was confused by a empty box sitting in the pile until I discovered we had, had some new books arrive last week. It seems without me being there there had been a major outbreak of shiny book syndrome and they had all been nicked. Which was frustrating as I then had to spend ages tracking down what the books were so I knew what I had to order more of in.

Asides from that it was a pretty standard day. Asides from the large pile of work I had to work my way through but thats the price of going on Holidays I guess. The downside is you always have to come back.



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