Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting a little sense of Deja Vu

Well I might finally be getting somewhere with my assignment at church. They've finally give me the sacrement programme for the next few weeks, now all I need is for people to start sending me announcements. I get a feeling I've got some phoning round to do.

Well the weather was much better today and it was even sunny. It was exceptionally windy for some reason though.

We have a new teacher in Sunday school. Sort of. Apparently, If I understood it correctly he's going to be 'job sharing' with Caroline. No idea why that is mind you. We've also go a new YSA joining us as well. She's a student but her family has moved into Loughborough. So in a reversal of the usual state of affairs with students she'll be home for the summer and gone the rest of the time.

We also had a visit from our Home Teachers tonight. It looks like SP just 'borrowed' the first young man he could persude to come out with him as Black Widow wasn't avalabile. However I get the feeling O probably didn't want to come as he sat there the whole visit looking bored rigid.

Anyway, Monday tomorrow, so a fresh week of Work ahead and I think theres a very good chance I might be finally getting my mug this week.

Here's hoping.

anyway, later!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah...Home Teachers are actually at your house....what progress..the church must be true.

And every person who does ward bulletins will never be rid of the people who call SUnday morning at 10 am to put an announcement in. Ahhh...that was our calling for two years.

Saxon said...

I wouldn't be minding if they were calling Late Saturday night/Sunday morning. It's more the fact that their not calling right now which si the problem!