Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh well if they have a plan....

A load of tanker drivers have started a four day protest here in the UK blockading Shell oil refinerys to protest about wages. This only affects deliveres to shell garages mind you not any of the other petrol stations. The government has insisted that they have a plan to cover this situation and people should not go out and panic buy fuel...

Can you guess what a lot of people have been doing?

That's right, panic buying petrol. Tapdance said to went to a petrol station this morning at 7.30am and there was already a massive queue for petrol. And apparently it's got steadily worse as the days gone on with more and more station running out of petrol.

However some people have now claimed that they think the government was trying to use reverse psychology when they told people not to panic buy as they knew this would prompt people to panic buy thus giving them enough petrol to last out the four day strike.

Personally I don't think the government is able to come up with a plan that clever right now.

Anyway, it was my last 'official' day of Holiday today. Just two more days before it's back to the old grind stone. Of course I am trying to keep my mind off that for as long as possible.

It doesn't look like I will be able to get a announcement bulletin done for Sunday. Mainly because despite me chasing all of the auxilary leaders only one got back to me and even then it wasn't with a announcement. Just a suggestion for a section I could include and recommended talking to another leader. Arggghhhhhh!!!!!! I think for this to have any chance of working I'm (As Grumpy puts it) going to have to become a right royal pain in the %$* and keep chasing people constantly until they realise it will be a lot easier to give me announcements asap rather then have me keep bugging them .

It might work.


later folks!

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