Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh no he didn't

Well it seems that if Engineseer has proven that if you take your eye off him he will get up too no good. When clearing out you always expect to find odd things, stuff you've lost, stuff you've forgotten about or stuff you'd want to forget. It seems Engineseer found some in the garage today during our clear up which firmly falls into the later catergory and decided to take a photo when I wasn't looking. Go to his blog by using the link on the blog list to see what I'm talking about. While I try and come up with some cunning plan to get him back.

Revenge will be mind Engineseer, revenge will be mind, mwah, ha ,ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha, ha (all right thats enough)


Enginseer said...

is that mind or mined or mine... we eviloverlords have to be accurate with these kind of things..
revenge will be mined-as revenge is neither an ore or mineral this could be trickey however it is a dish best served cold which if mined it would be.
as for revenge mind obviously this refears to the latent psycic powers of the librarian which will have me scared
finally if revenge is to be mine I will wait for whatever comes my way ;) karma has this was of evening things out...

Saxon said...

Saxon realises his threat would have had much more impact if he had spelt it properly. He also realises he is speaking in the third person and doesn't know why.