Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hmmm. Now what

It was rather strange coming home from work this evening as I kept thinking I was going the wrong way, as it's a Wednesday and I was coming straight home. Yes Institute has now finished for the summer so I'm going to have to find something useful with my Wednesday nights. Which is odd as I usually feel that I don't have enough time to do stuff during the week and what happens? I get a extra night and I can't think of what to do. Oh well, C'est la Vie I guess.

It was another interesting day at work as we had some new books arrive. Getting a new book is always good and when you get it for free as part of your job it's even better. Of course at the speed I read it will probably be finished very quickly and then I will struggle to find somewhere to store it but it's worth it. And they were books I was looking forward to which is even better.

Of course you would think that keeping track of so many books is difficult, but not to sound full of myself it isn't. I've always had a really good memory, darn near photographic sometimes. Of course it does tend to only apply with things that aren't necessarily useful day to day. I can be really bad at remembering the more useful stuff, like where did I put my pen and did I lock the door? :-)

My assignment for church is still not going very well. Despite chasing people a lot I'm still getting nothing. I really foresee having to start ringing people up to get stuff.

If you have a moment you should pop across to Nemesis's blog to read the story of how her 'Gentleman Friend" proposed. You have to admit her GF has style.


That's all for today folks.


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