Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Sunny, it's actually sunny

Well after the miserable weather yesterday what I was not expecting today was Sunshine. In fact a whole lot sunshine. So much I was able to get two loads of washing dry on the line. See I'm well trained aren't I.

Asides from that though it was your usual typical Sunday. So much so in fact I almost called this blog post groundhog day as there wasn't that much going on.

I did go for tea at Tap dances though which was nice as it meant I didn't have to cook for myself. There was a fireside at Loughborough chapel tonight for all single adults not just Young single adults. Which meant you had a interesting selection of the young, the slightly older, the menaces to society and the young at heart.

Engineseer is coming round on Tuesday as he's going to help me clear the garage out as a surprise for Grumpy who returns on Wednesday. Quite when on Wednesday I have no idea but he said he would call when he was back and I needed to go and pick him up.

As I haven't got much to say I thought I would end things by showing a couple of shots of the Loughborough chapel in all it's glory.

We've got a big chapel haven't we and as far as I'm aware it's fairly unique too. I was once told then when it was designed and built it was intended to be a stake centre ( which is why it's so large) but that plan was changed. Of course I have no idea how true that is but I thought I would mention it anyway)
And this is a shot of the chapel from the other end. The 'square bit' of the chapel used to contain the stake family history centre until the chapel was attacked by arsonists about fifteen years ago (I think I can't remember the exact year). That whole section was burned out and when they rebuilt it they decided to move the family history centre to the stake centre.
A second fire was started on the otherside of the building in the Bishops office but didn't 'catch' thus saving the majority of the chapel from damage. The fire brigade said we were very lucky it didn't catch. As you can imagine most of the members had their own ideas as to why it didn't.
later folks!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey Saxon...I took a two week blogging hiatus and am paying for it BIG time. Tryint o play catch up.

Love the photo of the chapel..have never seen one that looks like that before.

I will probably just read a few of your 32 posts. I am remembering that you are good to post once daily...maybe my two week hiatus was a little longer.

Well, anyhow, I am just going to skim, so I can start reading regularly again.

Saxon said...

Welcome back Alice. I had noticed you had been rather quiet of late.

Our chapel does seem to be fairly unique I agree.

I guess I can let you skim reading. After all you are still reading :-)