Thursday, June 19, 2008

And Lo things did start getting stranger

It's usually quite easier to make my breakfast and prepare my lunch in the morning, but today wasn't a usual morning. I had what seemed like a suicidal frog to deal with and no I'm not making this up. When I came downstairs this morning there was a frog sitting in the middle of the Kitchen Floor. Quite how it got in there we're not sure, (our best bet was it came in last night when I was getting something from the garage and we didn't notice it), but for me it didn't seem to want to leave when I opened the back door and tried to sush it out. So I then tried to step round it but the stupid thing kept moving right in front of me and almost udner my feet each time so I couldn't get to the fridge. It was really rather strange. I eventually ran out of time and had to leave for work. Grumpy was eventually able to get the frog to go outside. Hopefully it won't come back!

The weathers been a bit changable today. It is starting to brighten up though so maybe we are heading into summer after all.

I'm at a bit of a impasse with book reading. So many cool books to read and I don't know what to read next. Yes I know thats incredibly geeky and Sad but thats me I guess :-) wait is that something I want to admit too?

Getting home from work took a long time. Mainly because as I've said before the roads around here are usually okay but if you get one small accident is just the wrong spot it all goes horribly horribly wrong. As it did tonight. One small spill of diesel fuel on the motorway three junctions away and all of a sudden all of the roads are doing very good impressions of car parks. It didn't help being stuck behind a caravan which was called a swift rapide (in big letters along the back) as it just seemed to be rubbing in the fact I was going nowhere fast.

Oh well. Only one more day until the weekend.

Lets hope nothing interesting or strange happens tomorrow.

later folks!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Suicidal or maybe blind or hungry?

Saxon said...

could have been any or all three I suppose :-)