Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's groundhog day

It might sound a bit unorginal but it really did feel a bit like groundhog day today. Everything from when I got up to when I got to work seemed to be an exact copy of yesterday. Which was weird but at least inspired some interesting thoughths of 'what if?' which in turn made me realise that I probably do just a little too much driving by myself as my thoughts take odd turns sometimes :-)

Anyway it was yet another day of fairly nice weather. I could get used to this! They were also talking about how it's been a year since the summer floods of last year which just seemed really really scary as it didn't seem that long ago! Where does the time go these days?

Postive news in entertainment today. Nobody seems interested in Big brother whatsoever. Yes!!!!!!! Maybe just may they'll finally kill that awful show. The other main news is that two wags will be appearing on celebrity gladiators ( who cares! the orginal gladiators were much better) and that a britney look a like fooled photographers on a beach in the USA. Big news huh? Well nonot really I agree. Is anybody else getting the idea it might have been a slow news day?

I'm reading quite a interesting book at the moment as it poses that age old question 'Do the ends ever justify the means?" in a rather new and and unique way.

Anyway, aisdes from all that it was just another regular workday.

Wait I'm getting that groundhog day feeling again :-)

later folks!


Sarah Bauer said...
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Saxon said...

Well I guess I'll have to guess at whatever you wanted to say :-)