Monday, June 02, 2008

Don't cha

well it was same old, same old this morning. Alarm goes off, roll out of bed, get ready and leave the house.

And of course with it being a Monday I already knew what to expect when I reached work and I wasn't wrong. Emails lots and lots of emails. And of course not all of them made sense, no because that would be too easy. Of course I have psyhic powers to figure out what you mean even if your email makes no sense whatsoever. ( sorry personal bugbear there).

Things did start looking up round mid day when some nice shiny new books arrived straight from the printers. It's always nice to get new books especially ones where I helped check the manuscripts for background errors. Even if I never get a credit :-(

Only a few days to go before big brother starts. Argghhhh. I really can't stand that shower or the inevitable media scrum that results. It's bad enough to see celebrities on the cover of papers all the time let alone people whose only claim to fame is that they want to live in a house with cameras for a couple of months. Roll on August when the flipping show will finish!

Talking of August my form has gone in for the YSA conference so I get reduced price. Yaah! It should be interesting again this year. As long as they learnt from last year and ease up a bit on the heavy handedness. We're not youth. Use the YSA Conference label for in depth reports from the last couple of years!

I don't have to cook dinner for myself tomorrow as I'm going for dinner at Tap dances. I've forgot how annoying it is to cook a proper meal for yourself.

Anyway, thats all for today folks.

see ya tomorrow.

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