Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a little loud

It's been another fairly nice day. Who knows? Maybe summer is actually here to stay (for once).
Plus as it's summer and near the end of the school year the traffic is starting to get considerably lighter, so hopefully ( touch wood by smacking self on head) I won't end up in any really long traffic jams on a regualr basis.

It was interesting at work this morning as some new posters that we're going to be selling of some artwork from some of our books arrived. It's like a slightly screwy version of 'Where wally?", as it what can you see when the artwork is at A3 size compared to when it's book sized.

The fire alarm was also set off today, which meant we ended up standing around outside for 15 minutes while security did a sweep of the building. Still we can't complain as it hasn't done that in a long time plus there wasn't actually a fire. Which is definatly a plus point :-)

In the new today it's been announced that Viagra has been added to the list of performance enhancing drugs banned by the international athletics authorities. I can't decide whether to go on about how this story confused me as I couldn't figure out what sort of advantage that drug would give athletes or make some fairly obivous jokes. So I'm just going to leave this one alone....

I just realised we're almost at the end of June. Argghhhh!!! Where did the year go? It's also less then two months to my Birthday when I'll be 27. I'm getting old, and still a menance to society. However I am starting to find that term annoying. Outside of the Church no one would bate an eyelid that I'm almost 27 and not married. Inside the church the way some people go on, you'd think as I'm 26 and not married I'm past it and should be moving into an OAPs home!

Grrrrr. Okay I'm going to leave that there before I get myself wound up anymore.

Asides from that it was another fairly quiet, typical run of the mil work day. Not too interesting to blog about I know.

Oh well.

Later folks!


Scully said...

Wait until you are 4 months away from 30. That is when people REALLY start to pity you and then try to force you on any single, breathing member of the opposite sex in a 50 mile radius. Or secretly suspect you are gay. Which is just awkward.

Seriously, though, I hope you never do have to face down 30 as a single LDS person.

Saxon said...

well if I do end up facing their situation at least I'm forewarned :-)