Saturday, June 07, 2008


Well I've managed to injure myself. Again. But rather then it being my knee as per usual I seem to have pulled a muscle around the top of my shoulder. Which to be frank is really rather sore and to make it worse it's my left shoulder and being left handed means I move that arm a lot. Hopefully it won't be sore for too long or otherwise I'll have to start figuring out how to do things right handed more!

As I now have my new card shopping was a lot easier to do. Even if the weather was extremely grotty and it kept raining on and off. The breaks between downpours were just long enough for you to get dry before it rained again. Lousy British summer weather!

I also bought some new inks my company just released for painting models. Which more then anything demonstrates why the name of my blog is well chosen. One of the higlights of my day was buying paints :-)

The second part of Doctor who was on tonight and it was absolutly fab. If kids were paranoid about shadows last week they will certainly be this week. They will also be a bit paranoid of books now as well. These two episodes certianly bode well for the future of the series as the guy who wrote them will be taking over Doctor Who after this series.

I also bowed to the inevitable today and watched a bit of Big brother mainly to satisfy my curiosity about what prime examples of the nations population they've dragged in for this series. After watching for a few minutes I realised that the suggestion someone had to start a camapign to either seal up the doors of the house or throw a man eating tiger in with them as a new housemate wasn't such a bad idea after all.

To briefly review this crop of housemates. We have a 23 year old single mother who works as a account executive was christian but converted to Islam and gives herself 10/10 for looks. Well you agreed to go on Big Brother dear you obivousily don't have 10/10 for brains.

Then there is the opinionated vegetarian who says she's anti-fox hunting, anti-abortion, anti-smoking, anti-fur, anti-ladettes and anti- people who spit. Well most of us are anti-people who want five minutes of fame but we won't remember who you are by next summer.

There is a 30 year old practising Buddhist Thai massage therapist who loves cookies but doesn't take drink or drugs. Which is a good thing which by the sheer amount of energy she has it's likely her bodys more sugar then water and if she were to take drugs she would probably turn into a fast moving blur.

There is a 40 year old beauty sales rep who is a A former body-builder she is a self confessed fitness fanatic but is also obsessed with reincarnation, life after death and spirit guides. However before you start to think that she might actually be a fairly deep person she describes the most significant event of her life was when her boyfriend ( whose also in the house) pawned her rolex so she could have a boob job.

There is a trainee teacher from wales who says she's on the show to represent all "pretty, intelligent alpha females".

There is a school nurse who refers to herself in the third person as "the bex" and comes from coventry. Well saxon thinks she should ponder how she was sent from coventry rather then too it.

There is a reject from Popstars who says she's in big brother to make money. Well at least she's honest and that she has a phobia of bats, moths and germs and will not touch door handles for fear of infection. Well with any luck this means at least one housemate will stay in there and never be inflicted on the outside world.

There is a sales assistant from London who is a a devout Christian she says religion is really important in her life, goes to church every Sunday and prays every night. So thats someone from christianity, Buddism and Islam. They seem to be going all out this year to make sure they get every demographic box ticked don't they?

Onto the guys;

There is a guy who describes himself as 'egotistical, flamboyant and competitive' and lives for getting attention. " I think yo can figure the rest out about the person by yourselves.

There is a PE teaching student from Liverpool who is a part time DJ and wants to be a professional footballer. I think he needs to make up his mind as to what he wants to do as a career first!

There is a guy who was born in Ipswich, raised in the USA and was then deported back to the UK for getting involved in Gang culture but now mentors community groups. He is also a hip hop fan and songwriter. Oh and a albino as well. Wow so many ticks in different demographic groups in one person, I bet the show runners loved him.

There is a politics student who is a part time wrestling announcer and wears a suit because it makes him feel empowered. he also thinks he looks like justin timberlake. In Saxon's opinion he looks as much like him as I do.

There is the guy who looks like sly stallone and is the boyfriend of th sales rep. He claims that the couple have sex at least one a day. Hmmmm, I can't think why the show decided to put that couple in there at all.

There is a blind guy who works at a radio station and does stand up comedy dressed in womens clothes. No idea why he does this apparently he just does. ( yes I know theres a obivous joke there but I'm leaving it well alone)

There is a toy demonstrator from Hamleys in London whose only noticeable feature is the fact that he is a toy deomnstator from Hamleys in London.

Last and most propably least is a chief who claims he is a ladies man and all the girls he meets fall in love with him. This man seems to have many problems, a lack of confidence doesn't seem to be one of them.

and that's it. My curiosity satisfied. I decided that based on this selection of Britains apparent 'best' we should weep for the future.

later folks!


Alice Wills Gold said...

I'm routin for the blind guy...just because....not that I have ever seen the show, or plan to watch, but, hey, he's blind, what more can you say?

Saxon said...

not much :-)