Friday, June 20, 2008

Going Along, singing a song, stuck in a flipping traffic jam

There seems to be something about getting up on a Friday morning which can be hard some weeks. I dunno if it's because you've been working hard all week and it just catches up with you or more the fact that you know in 24 hours time you get a lie in.

I filled up with petrol on the way to work. I had forgotten how much of a bite the trip to institute was taking out of my fuel each week. As I got through the whole week with only using half a tank. Which was good as petrol is still going up. Even the cheap station I usually stop at isn't so chep any more.

Getting home after work was also tough as well as the A453 was shut yet again due to an accident. So everyone was trying to get out of Nottingham the same way which meant huge traffic jams. Which in turn meant it took me a massive 1 hour 20 minutes to get home. I was feeling really annoyed until about five minutes before I got home when I heard someone had died in the accident which sort of drained all of the annoyance away. I got home tonight, they didn't.

I had to get changed very quickly though and leg it out the door as Engineseer and RMcR were having a party at R's grandparents house ( they have a huge garden) to celebrate the fact that they have both finished their courses. But due to the traffic it did mean I over an hour late.

As I usually get lost coming back from the Mcr's I asked to Follow Engineseer as he had his Satnav. And I managed to keep up with him most of the time which was good as his Satnav decided to take us on a magical mystery tour of the countryside and I would have been completely clueless in the dark if I had lost him.

Anyway, It's the weekend now. Time to kick back, try and relax and not think about work for two days.

later folks!


Rhonda said...

I know I am not suppose to complain to ANYONE in UK or Europe about gasoline prices, but e-gads it's high. How DO YOU DO IT?

Even when they say we will get more blessings with going to church, Institute and Seminary, I all best be worth it or I am going to be ticked come eternity!

Saxon said...

well we just sort of get on with it. If you have to get somewhere you just have to go. Although a lot of people right now are cutting right down on journeys and only driving if they have to.