Monday, June 09, 2008

This is better. This me likee

It was so very nice this morning being able to wake up on a Monday morning not to the strident howl of my Alarm, but to well nothing. Basically waking up when I wanted to. It was great and I've got another four more days of this. Who knows by the end of this week I might start feeling more like my old self again.

Also I'm feeling impressed with myself as unlike a lot of my other days off or weekends I actually managed to get a lot of fairly contructive stuff done today. There was also glorious sunshine all day as well, so it was a pretty good first day of my Holiday.

I did have to call work quickly as it seems I did overlook something when clearing everything. Mainly that I had forgot to check that they knew the code for our voicemail. Oh well hopefully that will be all that I forgot to check. And also despite their jokes I haven't watched big brother and have no intention on doing so at all this week. There are plenty more constructive things I could be doing that watching Big brother. Like watching paint dry for one :-)

The real fun begins tomorrow when Engineseer and I are aiming to clear the garage out. Hopefully there won't be too many surprises in there. But with the amount of junk that is in there right now, who knows?

later folks!


anne said...

I hope there will be some before and after pictures of the garage!

Also how are you doing with your New Years resolutions? I think we need an update

Saxon said...

Of course. As you requested I took some photos and I've just posted them now.