Monday, June 23, 2008

Can't wait until Saturday

I don't know if I'm going to be able to wait until next Saturday. The bbc has just released another trailer for the next episode of Doctor who and it's now looking better then ever. This season finale is going to be so cool!

Talking of things geeky that reminds me I really ought to go to the cinema to see the new incredible Hulk film.

Anyway it's actually been quite a nice day for a Monday. The weathers been okay, it was cloudly this morning but has cleared up nicely now so it's nice and sunny.

Work was good too. I was able to get loads done today which makes a good change for a Monday. Lets hope it continues for the rest of the week.

Grumpy has finally got round to looking at his trains again and there seems to be a good chance that he will actually stick with them this time. I'm not sure if the House can take much more geekyness though. :-)

Asides from that it's been a fairly quiet day. I've spent most of the evening catching up with some reading and doing a bit of painting.

If the week stays this quiet I will be more then happy.

later folks!


Scully said...

The Incredible Hulk is pretty enjoyable. Not quite as good as Ironman, but better than the disastrous first attempt. And you have me refusing to plan anything for the next however-many Friday nights so as not to miss Doctor Who. Who needs a life when the Doctor is around?

Saxon said...

Good. You don't want to miss the next few episodes. The one after the 2nd part of the Library story is particurly spooky.