Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bored now!

There are many things that may indicate a day being a good day. Waking up a full hour before you need to get up then failing totally to get back to sleep and then it starting to pour down with the rain the second you leave the house for church are not two of these things.

It has been a miserable day weatherwise and it's now June. It's supposed to be Summer! This is starting to seem like a depressing repeat of last years summer all over again.

Well my calling has actually changed into a assignment, well that's according to the Bishop at least. My assignment is to be the new Ward Bulletin director. Probably the first and last time I will have a assignment or job with the word director in it. Of course it was supposed to be editor rather then director but I guess they changed their mind. So let the fun of chasing people for infomation commence!

Cordeia confused as it were to the fact she was moving out of the ward during the fast and testimony meeting. Although to hear some people after church talking to her, you would more think she's moving to Mars rather then the far end of the Stake! All the same we will miss her as it won't be the same without her being around. With the students due to go home for the summer too shortly it looks like quiet times ahead for the Loughborough YSA.

Asides from that it's been a pretty quiet day. Despite my best efforts I've been flitting from thing to thing as it were, trying to do something constructive but failing miserably. Oh well, maybe better luck next week!

It's Monday tomorrow. My favourite day of the week. Not! I think I'll just keep my fingers crossed for a easy day.


later folks!


Candace E. Salima said...

I wish for you lots of sunshine and happiness in the upcoming week. Hang in there, it will get better.

Saxon said...

we did finally get some sunshine today.