Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do these people have too much time on their hands?

Two new stories caught my eye today which were probably caused by people with just far too much time on their hands.

The first was about a story about a award winning photographer who decided to use computer software to show what certain dead people would look like now if they were still alive today. The three he choose were Hitler, Marylin Monroe and Bruce Lee. Now asides from his interesting choices, what connects those three I have no idea, it was the fact he decided to publish these pictures. I mean is anybody bothered or is there in fact someone who can sleep easier out there tonight as he now knows what Bruce Lee would have looked like in his late sixties.

The second was about two design students (male and female) who decided set out to bust men who check out women's chests. They designed a "breastcam" as part of a thesis project.

The girl nips out wearing these cameras fitted in a dress and aims to catch passing oglers in the act and the resulting footage is broadcast over the web.

The guy said the idea was not to affront those who fail to keep their eyes above his bosom friend's neckline but to address the issue of public surveillance. Quite how playing footage of any men who may be looking where they shouldn't on the web addresses the issues of public surveillance I have no idea.

I can't help but feel this camera address is a little unfair to men. It's not like it's a hidden set of cameras to catch the guys who truly oggle women.

No It's a bit more obivous then that. See the picture below.

Now you can't see it from this angle but the cameras are contained in two rather large plastic domes. Now this doen't exactly deflect attention does it. I think if you say a girl wearing this get up walking down the street with two cameras stuck in two large plastic domes coming off her chest, you going to at least do a double take! regardless of if your a man or not.

Speaking of girls drawing attention to themselves, the female cast members of Hollyoaks are apparently doing a photoshoot which is apparently supposed to be very classy and sophisticated, even if they are only wearing lingarie and using a space hopper in the shoot.

And if thats what passes for classy and sophisticated these days this country might have a very serious problem.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Yeah, most definitely, the designer there knew how to grab people's attention.

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