Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Forget Turtles beware of the Ninja ducks!

My new bank card arrived yesterday. Yahh!! and it arrived not at a moment too soon I was down to checking the floor for loose change. So I can now get at my money again. No thanks to the bank for dragging me into this stupid trial anyway.

There was some excitment at work today for the newest resident of the site. A duck which set up it's nest in the garden gave birth to eight little ducklings over night. Which are just really, really cute and adorable. There was some concern about where the duck choose to nest in the garden as it's a really tall section which is almost as tall as me, so people were getting worried about how the ducklings are going to get down and get to the canal ( which runs by the side of the building). In the end most people decided to trust the mothers instincts and that she knows what's she's doing. Although one person suggested that maybe the ducklings would jump up, and land while doing somersaults and backflips. So I asked if he was suggesting they migt be Ninja ducks? He agreed and said they would fit in quite well round here. I would have disagreed but stranger things have happened round that place.

there was even more excitment when a person who was trying to park a lorry managed to reverse it full spped into the wall just outside of the reception. When I next went out to receptionist I asked the receptionist how much of the wall had been damaged. His reply was the wall? Yes the wall the huge lorry just reversed into? Oh I was wondering what that bang was? Nice to see he was nice and alert this morning. I guess he must not have had his coffee.

Then to cap the morning off the photocopier decided to start playing up quite severely. Even our resident technical expert, Ragnar was so stumped he had to resort to the ancient and mystical computer art of Off-e-On-e to try and fix it. One of the editors suggestions was to maybe try sacrifing a duckling to appease it. There was a moment of stunned silence in the office. I finally asked, Sacrifice a Duckling? She simply nodded and said it was only an idea and then she had only suggested it because we didn't have a goat. There was another long pause as people tried to figure out if she was joking or not.

Of course a suggestion like that did seem pare for the course for this week. Lots of strange things have been going on from people on our forums demanding we produce a more 'mature' range of books for adults ( don't ask) to one of our authors getting attacked at a book show by a Toucan of all things!

That's not to mention the new book which has for want of a better term a real 'scooby doo' moment. I am expecting the sequel to end with the bad guy running away from the good guys whilst declaring " I would have got away with it too if it wasn't for you pesky Blood angels"

Things are definately odd and I have a feeling their going to get odder!

just two more days to go until Holiday, just two more days to go until holidays.......

later folks!

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