Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Well for some reason today the time has seemed to fly by and I'm fairly certain I know why. Yes my holiday is over, it's the end of the weekend and tomorrow is a Monday which means only one things. It's time to go back to work. Saxon starts hoping fervently for there not to be a big pile of work there waiting for him. Well it could happen! It's unlikely but it could.

Doctor Who was very, very good last night. I have to say it was one of the few TV programs I have seen in a long while which was geniunely unerving and scary. However the trailer for next weeks episode looks great. She's back, finally back!!

Grumpy has a new phone. Which of course means he has to learn how to work a new handset. Which in turn means he's coming to find me every 10 minutes with a new query how to work the darn thing.

I was also going to take Grumpy out to dinner today as it's Fathers day but I couldn't afford to. So instead I cooked Sunday dinner for him instead, although we had it for tea instead. So I'm feeling quite smug with myself right now as I was able to cook a full Sunday roast with no problems whatso ever. Which means that I can still cook even if I don't cook properly on that scale as it were too often. Of course the downside with being able to cook so well is that it goes into my list of skills that I can't use to impress girls, (like painting, blogging and being able to give good shoulder and neck massages) with out some unlikely coincedence of events. Or running into a YSA Geekette. Which I still say could happen one day even if the odds are stacked againist me.

It was very quiet at church today. There seemed to be a fair few people missing including Engineseer. Which again prompted our Sunday school teacher to ask me where he was. It seems that in her eyes I am still firmly his keeper. She then asked if we were 'loosing him' and his brother. Which stumped me for a moment then I finally realised what she was saying. I decided to keep my mouth shut rather then say anything back as a comment. Some people seem remarkably unable to accept that as Engineseer quite often works Saturday nights it's very understandable if he sometimes sleeps through his alarm after only four hours sleep.

Anyway I'll leave that there before I start ranting.

See you tomorrow folks.

If I survive that is

mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha


Enginseer said...

I would have to provide comments on 2 points here
first im glad someone undertands the horror of shift work (ill tell you all about saturday when I see you next)
second your too negative. being able to cook a great meal is a great way to impres girls. a good idea for a relativly inexpensive double date is to have two couples. one prepares the main course one the deserts. as a first date thou a double date is essential for this kind of activity as inviting a girl round while you cook her diner as a first date could apear a little high preasure for her!! im sure others will pitch in with comments on that wether im right or wrong.

Saxon said...

you forgot to tell me about saturday :-)