Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lets hope this isn't starting as it means to go on

It's been a funny old day weather wise. Sun, Clouds, rain, wind, back to clouds, back to sun, back to rain, sun, rain, sun more rain, then no clouds and Sun. Talk about the weather not being able to make up it's mind in slightist!

I had to get to church this morning bright and early as I had this meeting with the Elders Quorum President and had to get the bulletins printed off.It wasn't a good sign when I ran into the Bishop and he was under the impression that I was going to be printing them off at home and knew nothing about me using the photocopier. I then ran into Brother Scott and he knew all about it ( mainly as he had suggested it) but then he had to ask the bishop where the photocopier was. Which surprising me. How many places is there to put a photocopier in a chapel anyway?

Well we finally found it and I got the things printed off but then the EQ president turned up and I had no time to cut them so I asked Black Widow who was standing around for help.

Engineseer and I went into the meeting with the EQ's President and surprise, surprise they had decided to reassign both of us to be hometeaching companions. Well gosh darn, that was a surprise. I hadn't guessed that Days ago (..... must stop being so cynical).

We got out of the meeting to find Black Widow had experienced two problems with cutting the Bulletins up, firstly the pair of scissors was very blunt and secondly he had great difficutly cutting in a straight line ( I still appreciate the help as it is the thought that counts). Which meant only half of the bulletins were usuable. Still we moved a table outside of the main door and spread them out and I was feeling somewhat hopeful.

In Sunday school CF was back teaching us again. However one of the first things she said was that as there were several young men coming into the class she was going to have to 'dumb down' the lessons and take them down to a more approriate level for them. So she would understand if any of us felt this two low and wnted to move to the Adult classes instead. I'm not going to take up that offer. I ve three years before I have to be thrown out their not making me leave early! It did make me wish Physics was there though as I'm sure he would have had some good comment.

Sian's sister Traveller was also there. She's moving out to Thailand in a week and a bit. So yet another Loughborough YSA is leaving us for foreign shores. I'm wondering if we should start to get paranoid. Is it us? Is it something we said :-)

We were walking to the stairs and I was talking to Engineseer when I suddenly heard a voice yell
" Think fast"
quickly followed by a ball shooting past my head. I looked round to see DB on the stairs laughing with O saying
" I should have guessed it as too much to think Saxon could think Fast"
I smiled and responded
" Well at least I think"
At which point DB looked very confused and said " Huh?"
I started to walk past him and said
" Point proven"
at which point DB suddenly turned round and said
" Well what are you doing with your life that's so worthwhile"
I have no idea what prompted that question but I almost lost it. I'm not sure why, I suppose it was just a culmination of the hassles, problems church wise and some of the frustations that caused almost being set off by this jerk in front of me talking to me like that. I was probably closer to loosing it then I had done in a while and was all ready to start yelling in his face asking what right he had to say that to me and obivousily be so judgemental about me when Engineseer jumped in and added
" Doing a job that he's good at and loves. Why what are you doing with your life?"
Db simply smirked and walked off, fortunately the moment of anger had passed and I felt myself calming down and getting the anger under control.

When we got back upstairs I was wondering how the bulletins were going. It was not a good sign to see that someone had dumped all their bags on top of them!

As it was the 5th Sunday of the month we had a joint Priesthood/relief society meeting. There were three speakers. The last one was the Bishop and to be honest I totally lost what he was talking about as he seemed to go off on a mega tangent. Even Engineseer was confused and only picked up the point of his presentation at the very end and had to explain it to me afterwards.

I was also confirmed as the " Ward bulletin co ordinator" after church which surprised the heck out of me as I was sure they had only announced it as a assignment and not a calling. But the Bishop insisted it had been and I must have missed it. Far from it for me to argue with the Bishop :-)

I did one last check on the bulletins to see if many people had taken them to find someone had taken the table and thrown the bulletins on the floor. Not terribly nice of the person who did that was it?

Well after that fun packed morning I've had a fairly quiet rest of the day. I've just spent most of the afternoon reading and painting. Not hugely exciting I know but it was still fun.


Later folks!


Anonymous said...

Further to the Bishop's presentation I found this on the BYU Idaho site:

Enjoy. I particularly liked Elder Cook's experience meeting Mick Jagger.

anne said...

With regards to the bulletins, in our ward they are put on the pews before the meeting starts, so everyone at least reads one, and puts it in their bag.

Saxon said...

Thanks Dan, I'll make sure I look that up

Saxon said...

Thanks Anne, I'll try and give that a go next week