Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well I'm never looking at shadows in the same way again

Doctor Who tonight was absolutley awesome! (channeling my inner bill and ted there) It was by Stephen Moffat who wrote the excellent 'blink' from the last series. That episode was great, scary and made a lot of people look at statues twice. Tonights episode was the first in a two parter and will definately make people think twice about shadows. And librarys too. If Nemesis watches it could well make her very jumpy next time she's in her library at night! I can't wait for next weeks episode. Count the shadows! Stay out of the shadows!

Mind you that was the only decent thing on TV tonight. There were lots of annoying talent shows on tonight and I saw something even worse. I saw a advert for Big brother. Argghhhhh!!!!!! The show that will not die is coming back yet again and starts next Friday. Great now we'll have to put up wth a summer of Big brother and every tabloid paper and every magazine competing to bring us the next exclusive about one of these housemates whose name we won't remember two days after the freaking show ends.

On the plus side the weather did improve this morning, to be really bright and sunny. So bright and sunny ( and warm) that I was able to leave my coat at home when I went shopping. Or at least go and do the small amount of shopping I could do with the money I have. My replacement card better arrive as quickly as they said it would.

I had to do a clean up of the house today. I have to admit I've been letting things slide a tiny bit while Grumpys not been here. But not too much as I was worried Tap dance might pop into collect her post and give me a telling off for the state of the house.

Well it's church tomorrow, I should have my new calling 'formalised' as it were. Which should be interesting to just see the looks on peoples faces. Theres a calling for that?

Make sure you tune in tomorrow when all will be revealed.

If your interested of course :-)

later folks!

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