Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just a quick one

(best Dr Nick voice) Hi everybody!

It's just a quick blog post as I have been extremely busy all day and I'm just about to head out to a New years eve party in Leicester. Yes I've been invited to a party. I feel so popular all of a sudden :-)

I will write more of todays goings on tomorrow. Which is a sentence that sounds a lot more deep and meaningful then I was expecting.

Well tomorrow is a start of a new year and a new decade. Although I didn't match last years total number of blog posts ( 415 vs 443) I still managed to do the equivilant of more then one blog post a day which considering that November was more or less a write off for blog writing isn't bad at all.

I am still deciding on my new years resolutions or I may just follow the new 'in thing' of giving up on giving up! I.e not setting any. I guess we'll see.

So I guess all that's left is to wish all of you my loyal readers a Happy new year and I hope that 2010 will bring you everything you want.

And for all of you spammers who seem to have recently found my blog please feel free to go away and never come back.

Later folks!

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