Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't say the Q word

It's been a slightly weird day as work was different to how it has been in the sense that as we're between Christmas and new year there is a inevitable drop off in demand. However we were all very, very careful not to say the Q word as we all knew what would inevitably happen if we did. It would be like saying macbeth in the theatre.

You just don't do it.

Two contenders for todays quote of the day
" Well it's the size of the standard jacket size he usually wears"
" Well their boots, which means it's as long as my knee height"

The Day of the triffids adaption last night was very good if a little strung out. It could have probably lost 15 minutes or so with no real impact to the overall story. There were some program makers who seem to have remembered the old adage that less is more and it was only towards the end of the program that we actually say some 'full' close up shots of the triffids. Up unto that point we had been treated to quick glimpses or long shots.

Yes the idea of meet eating plants that can move is far fetched but if you can get past that it was a good program. The 2nd part is on tonight and hopefully it will maintain it's high quality.

It's been very cold today, despite the weathermens prediction for lots of snow to hit the midlands, that good ole weather dead zone around geektown seems to be holding and the most we're forecast to get is sleet! Not especially exciting I know.

Well I've got one more day of work this week before I'm off again for four days. Life's tough init ? :-) I will then be starting 'normal' shift patterns which will be interesting.

Anyway, that's all for today as it seems that my technical experience is needed again as Grumpy has a question about something. Hopefully it's not about how to turn the printer on and off again.

Later folks.

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