Saturday, December 05, 2009

Somewhat confusing

Although it was fairly cold today it was also sunny. Really, really sunny. In fact so sunny I wished I had taken my sunglasses out with me as it was quite difficult to see at somepoints which is somewhat bizare considering we're now deep into winter.

Most shops have now fully launched themselves into their christmas 'mood' so there's lots of tinsle, shiny lights and christmas music seemingly everywhere. Although it depends on the store and how 'big' the store is as to how good the christmas music is as it seems to go from really cheap muzak style songs from covers to the 'genuine' christmas songs that we all know and love and are utterly fed up with by about two weeks into december.

Apparently there are rumours that the new film by James Cameron is going to be the most exspensive 'flop' ever. I'm going to try and reserve judgement until I see it but I have to admit I was amused by the films new nickname " Dancing with Smurfs". That's in reference to the blue skinned aliens in the film in case any of you didn't know and were wondering how the heck Smurfs had anything to do with this.

I always find it a bit awkward near to christmas as there's usually lots of stuff in the shops that I want to buy, but I know I shouldn't as someone might buy it for me as a christmas present. But then of course if someone doesn't buy it I buy not be able to buy it until the end of January. Now admitally this isn't the biggest problem in the world " Oh no I have to wait a month to watch a DVD I might only see a couple of times and then leave to gather dust on the shelf" ( yeah like that doesn't happen with the DVDs you buy) and was more of a problem previous years as there was no point asking for the main thing I wanted, i.e hobby stuff as there was no point as I got such a huge discount. I decided eventually that I was probably spending waaayyyy too much time thinking about stuff like that and should probably just not buy anything and save my money.

Still I was able to see quite a lot of cool books that I do want, because after a long drought of books a whole load have been released at once, including a new book by Alison weir who is one of my favourite historians. Which is something I hadn't expected because I only started reading her books to find out more about the tudors after watching one episode of "the tudors" which was the first and last time I watched that show. I've also seen a couple of other good history books as well but I'm not sure how many to ask for as the trouble I have these days is finding enough time to read. Which is bizare as considering the amount of time it usually takes me to finish a book, it's not like I need several days to finish one.


Later folks.

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