Monday, December 07, 2009

Duck and cover

Regular readers will now by now that I really like to keep up to date with the latest news, be it technological, political or entertainment news. Plus with the benefit of having a near photographic memory for useless information I find it very easy to keep up todate with many things.

Of course certain news items tend to draw my attention more then others. Anything related to a TV show I like will go up the list of must reads pretty quickly, plus anything related to the church usually merits a must read. This was how I was pretty up on what happened with the whole proposition eight thing when a lot of other people in my ward didn't have a clue what it was all about.

So when I saw a article about the TV show big love and the phrase " is going to cause no [small] amount of controversy.” I already had a feeling where this was going.

Now for those of you who don't know Big love follows a polygamist family in Salt lake city utah. The family are supposed to be " Mormon Fundamentalists", who aren't part of the 'mainstream mormon church" who everyone know and commonly refered to as Mormons. I'm sure you can already see why some people get confused because you have two groups of people who both call themselves Mormons no matter how much the producers claim they try to make the differences clear. I remember when the first series was shown in the UK and the barrage of media articles that resulted. However it didn't last long as Big Love only managed one series on our TV before disappearing, never to be seen again not even on digital freeview channels. Which is quite an impressive feat considering what is shown on some of them. TJ Hooker repeats anyone? No me neither.

Right where was I? Well apparently the show caused ructions in the last series when they recreated part of a church 'ordinance' but the producers still claimed that they were still making the difference between the main church and offshoots clear.

Well they seem to have totally abandoned this claim for the new series based on a quote from a producer about one of the male characters getting a boyfriend. The quote was as follows
" But attempts to “pray the gay away” are just the tip of the iceberg. “There’s a provocative nature to what we’re doing,” Olsen suggests. “It’s more than just the Mormon culture. We’re highlighting certain aspects of the church’s relationship with its gay members that I think, as the story unfolds, is going to cause no [small] amount of controversy.”!

Now of course I could be wrong but that doesn't really sound like their still trying to make the difference clear anymore does it? Especially with what happened with Proposition eght still fresh in peoples minds.

Now at the end of the day is this likely to make a whole lotta difference here in the uk? Well no seeing as we don't see the series but I just found it annoying in the sense of, if you're going to use cliches abut the church in attempts to win ratings at least admit it.

Although this has reminded me of what happened when I was taking my GCSE's. One day there were a whole lotta girls coming up to me and having a go, while a lot of guys were congratulating me. It took a little while to figure out what the heck was going on. Apparently one of the history teachers was telling people that Mormons still practised polygamy. In the next class one of the girls challenged him on it and he insisted he was right. Until she pointed out here was a Mormon in the school at which point he changed was he was saying pretty darn quickly. That history teacher was also partially responsible for me ending up having to give a talk to my english class but thats a story for another time.




Anonymous said...

what teacher was that? not the funky chicken?

Saxon said...

no not the funky chicken. The hippy one with long hair, I can't remember his name