Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stay safe out there

After avoiding what looked like four bouncers dressed as elves, suffering getting walloped by a trolley twice, smacked by at least a dozen shopping bags, enduring one of the strangest additional sales attempts ever ( If I've just bought a car tax disc why would anyone think I would want a mobile top up), been soundly defeated by ice holding one shopping trolley to another and thus displayed a less then impressive level of strength in a public place, then getting shoulder barged into a bed display did make me wonder if I should go somewhere safer...

Like the middle of the motorway.

Yes twas the last saturday before christmas and althrough the house not a creature was stiring as they were all in town doing last minute shopping.

To say Loughborough was packed would be a bit of a understatement.

Still despite the massed hordes I was able to get my shopping done.

I've now just gotta wrap the things.

Despite it being another two months before my old company releases a book I haven't read in some form or another, I did know that they were releasing some books today, one of which I had read a early manuscript of. I hadn't read it since I gave my initial feedback and was interested as to how it might have changed. Although I had read it and despite the fact I wasn't going to be getting a free copy anymore I decided I was going to buy a copy anyway, as I wanted to satisfy my curiosity/

Unfortunatly I got to the shop too late and they had completely sold out! I wasn't too impressed and my mood wasn't helped but the staff members admitance that he had a copy of the next book in my old companies best selling series which isn't released till March april time and was throughly enjoying it. Although I was tempted to quote stewie griffin at him
" You will rue this day. Well go on start rueing!"
My annoyance vanished pretty darn quick. So what if I'll have to go back to get it. It's only a book, and as for the other book. Well I knew that people who still work for the company would get to see books long before we 'civilians' do. I'll just have to hone my zen len powers of patience and get used to have to wait.

Around last christmas Woolworths disappeared from the high streets, this year it is the turn of borders. Yes it seems that all attempts to save it have failed and it will close in the UK at least for the last time on the 22nd. So if you live near one in the UK I would pop in asap as it won't be there much longer!


Later folks!

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