Sunday, December 13, 2009

On and On

It's hard to explain but there was a real sense today, when I got up of the year is coming to a end and that in a few short weeks we'll be into a new year, 2010! Yikes! I know I say this ever year but I'll say it again. Where the heck has the year gone? It doesn't seem longer then a couple of weeks ago that we started 2009.

Although lets face it, the events of 2009 will be sticking in my head for rather a long time to come.

We still haven't put our christmas decorations up yet but we have decided that we will do so tomorrow. You see this is what comes of having only men living in a house. It takes ages to get anything done!

Although there's no way we'll be matching the neighbours efforts as well to say their houses are brightly lit would be a understatement. Just looking across the road I can see three illuminated santas, two christmas three's and a bell, not to mention a whole lotta lights. Oh and a snowman.

And that's one of the more understated efforts at house decoration that are on display are round the estate.

Well it's Monday tomorrow which means another week of work and and a week containing what I'm sure will be many, many, many 'opportunities' to face and overcome.


Later folks.

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