Sunday, December 06, 2009

Keep rolling and go down swinging

I think this is one of the most restarted posts I have ever written. I must have started this post and then restarted it seven or eight times by this point.

It's not been down to having a writers block mind you. If anything it's the complete opposite, I seem to have too much to say but I just can't think of the best way to say it.

I've just had a load of thoughts that have been buzzing around my head since church this morning. For some reason I found church a bit flat today and uninspiring. I don't know why as I usually like testimony meeting but today there wasn't some quite 'there'. I know that sounds somewhat vague but that's about as close as I can get to putting my 'finger on it'.

But then again that sense of uninspiredness may also have been down to another couple of issues that I suddenly realised have been bugging me and I had failed to realise what they were until today. I'm still mulling them over right now in the hopes that I will come up with a solution.

So this will only be a very short post for today. Plesae tune in tomorrow when I hope I will make a lot more sense.

Later folks.


Anonymous said...

we can only concluded that the things that are bugging you is the fact that you have finally gone insane? perhaps too much paint fumes?

ha ha! Hope you had a good weekend Saxon. Mine was rubbish, I just had a bad cold! Its nearly gone now so thats good. But it ruined my weekend!

Rock on mate!

Not long now till crimbo!


Saxon said...

no, no not that.

As anyone who knows me can probably testify I went insane years ago.