Monday, December 21, 2009

A moment of silence

Grumpy and I decided to take a little trip out to borders this evening before it closes for the last time tomorrow. However when we got there we discovered that the local people of leicester had obivously been aware of the closure for sometime as the place had been more or less stripped bare. There was only a very bad selection of books left and there were already starting to take the shelves down in large parts of the store.

Despite this somewhat sorry scene I was able to find a few gems in amongst the dross and came away with 5 paperbacks, one hardback and a DVD for only £15. Not bad going, even if it is bad that borders is going!

We also discovered soemwhat bizarely that the petrol is Leicester is somewhat cheaper then that in geektown. Six pence cheaper to be precise. Which doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, how can 20 minutes travel result in a change of six pence!

Today's quote of the day is a tie between the following two.
" It's the size of a shoe box........Long pause........ that's not much help to you is it?"
" It's exact size is about a third the length of a cricket bat and twice as thick."

Well I have two more days of work before I get a long weekend as it were from Friday through to Monday before having to go back to work for two days next week. We're going to recieve our secret santa presents on Wednesday, I just hope I got the right thing for the person I was given, I tried to go with as 'safe' a option as I could, but regular readers will no how irony likes to mess with me sometimes.


Later folks

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