Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I need now is a cat

Do you expect me to talk?
no mr Saxon I expect you to..... answer the phone.

As I've now been assigned a desk a work, I had a egonomics check today ( I don't know if I've spelt that right) which was basically a assessment to see that I was 'sitting' at my desk correctly. What I didn't realise was that the 'average' office chair is only designed for people who are about five and a half foot. Which meant that I was getting all the support I needed from my current chair ( learn something new every day). So I was issued with a new chair which is pretty cool and did make me feel slightly evil villianish sitting in a chair like that. I was then even more surprised to find out that this isn't my 'final' chair and was just meant as a temporary replacement as they will be ordering me a new chair as they didn't have any of the correct sized chairs for people who are six foot.

The women who came to do the check also rearranged my desk, including raising the monitor in a way that did make me wonder if it was really a transformer. She seemed quite amused at my bafflement to the whole egonomics process.

Quote of the day,
" It's the size of a piece of paper"

I've just seen the trailer for the new sherlock holmes film. I have to admit that it's piqued my interest slightly. It looked much better then in the first trailer. But I still don't see Grumpy going to see it.

Apparently it's supposed to snow tomorrow. But then again this is a forecast by the same weatherman who had forecast a heatwave all summer long, a cold winter, a mild winter, then a cold weather. I'm still not convinced that they don't just roll a dice to come up with the weather sometimes.

Stealing something is not smart. Using your own car to steal something is even less smart. Using your own car complete with personalised number plate is so less smart then smart, it's on the other side of the planet from smart. So I was somewhat amused to see a guy end up in court today for just that. But if you can afford a bmw why would you want to steal something anyway?

bordom, a need for excitment and being a bit of a muppet are three reasons which spring to mind.

Later folks.

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