Wednesday, December 16, 2009

so near yet so far

Despite the warnings of lots of snow and really cold temperatures what did we eventually get? A rather wet nasty morning as it turns out. Not nice at all, especially as I seem to have picked up yet another cold.

Yes a cold, you might remember them before the days of swine flu when it was okay to have the sniffles without it being something that could wipe out mankind!

Okay a little dramatic but you get the idea.

Bad weather aside it was a really, really good day today at work. Everything went really well and after three weeks I'm starting to feel a lot more confident then I was, in my knowledge and my own abilities to do this job.

Grumpy also pointed out that I seemed to be developing thicker skin as it were and didn't seem to be letting things bother me. Well it make be that or it's more a case that I've just learned to accept that there are somethings I can't solve and just need to move on and forget them.

Quote of the day comes from the staff canteen when one person looked up to see the latest timbaland music video on the TV
" When did lenny henry release a single?"


Later folks.

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