Friday, December 11, 2009

No! Really?

Sometimes a news story comes along that makes me stare in disbelief, especially if it seems to have come from the scientists and researchers of the we've got nothing better to be doing university.

Todays case in point.

Ever since the start of the credit crunch thereh as been a whole load of adverts around for companies who will buy your unwanted gold and send you some money. You get rid of gold your not using and get cash back as the meerkat would say " Seemples!"

Not quite, apparently according to those pesky researchers always hot on the trail of the next big blinding obivous fact after a extensive study they have found that these companies who buy the gold.......... wait for it.......... Are not giving people the full retail value of the gold they send. In some cases less then half the price. My what evil companies, how dare they attempt to make money themselves. Why aren't the papers full of this story, you can imagine the headline
" Commerical companies in attempt to make profit shock!"

oh wait.......

Two classic quotes from work today
" It's about the size of two small jars" but this was beaten by " It's not antique it's vintage"

Well it's the weekend again and after this weekend there's only one more to go until Christmas! I tihnk I'm going to try and hit the shops nice and early tomorrow before it all turns into a complete and utter scrum!

I'm also trying to keep from reading my latest book in one go, as it's from one of my favourite authors whose rather slow at writing. It's over a year between books and that's only if you count books from the spin off series. If you only count the main series books the gap is almost four years!

Anyone would think it takes a long time to write a book!

Oh wait...

I think after getting the shopping done and out of the way I will try and do some painting this weekend as I haven't done any in a few days and don't want to get too out of practise.

Well it's not like I've got anything better to do.

Later folks

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