Monday, December 14, 2009

Focus, Focus, Focus

As I'm now 'officially' in a team at work, I now have my 'own desk'. Fortunatly unlike a lot of customer service places I don't have to share it, so it's all mine. However I did notice something this afternoon that was somewhat distracting. My new desk now faces the window which brings a perfect view of the sunset. And it was a awesome sun set this evening which was very distracting as I just wanted to take time to watch it. Previously it's either been the case that the sun sets when I'm at work when I can't see it, or set when I was driving home so I didn't have time to watch it. But now, now I get a perfect view. I just hope they don't decide to swap desks on me otherwise they might well have to drag me from it!

I spent the evening putting our christmas decorations up and there's nothing like getting into the christmas mood like sitting in the dark watching the lights on the tree and in the window. It was a very cozy feeling. Even if Owen has looked extremely baffled all night and was remarkably unsettled by the sight of me up in the loft. He actually ran off downstairs which is quite unusal for such a inquisitive dog!

The quote of the day had to go to this one
" the package is as wide as my hand"

The bad taste award of the day has to go to a drinks manufacturer who have created a ice cube tray that makes little ice Titanics and icebergs. The packaging for the ice cubes reads
" 'Ice ahoy! Gin and Titonic is guaranteed to be an unsinkable addition to your next party.
'This reusable ice tray contains four icy Titanic ships and four menacing icebergs. Pair them up in your mixed drinks and re-create history. Go ahead...sink another round!"


Later folks.

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