Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time and type wait for no man

While what seems like the rest of europe looks on in bafflement at the chaos the snow is causing in the UK that good old weather dead zone which covers the centre of the country and seems to be centred on geektown is doing it's usual bang up job of keeping whatever weather the rest of the country as far away as possible.

We seem to be about the only place which doesn't have snow!

Although I know a lot of people are having problems with the snow I couldn't help but have a little snigger about two items on the news. Eurostars explanation for their technical problems is that they have had the 'wrong type of snow', and that it was basically too fluffy. Which sounded rather funny coming from a straight faced PR man trying to explain that trains had been stopped by fluffy snow.

Then there was a PR man from a town down south trying to explain the problems they have been having on the roads and that the roads weren't gritted. His defence was that the problems were down to it " Snowing at the wrong time". Because it's well known that snow usually falls at precisely schduled times doesnt it........ oh wait.

Well only one more day of work before my christmas break. I can't wait!

Todays quote of the day
" But why do you need to know when it's ready to collect"

I've seen the trailer for the BBC remake of Day of the Triffids which will be showing over christmas. It looks really good. Although I fear it will be rather overshadowed by the two part Doctor Who special where David Tennant will be bowing out as the Doctor.

I can't believe that their making us wait a week between the episodes. Their so meeaannnn!!!!


Later folks!

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Scully said...

But you at least get to watch Doctor Who in real time! I have to wait until some undetermined time in the future. It is truly painful! But at least David Tennant is coming to America - here's hoping NBC picks up his show!