Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gremlins in the works

Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday folks but a bunch of technical gremlins decided to come to stay and proceeded to take out our broadband connection.

Fortunatly we managed to get it fixed this evening after talking to a surprisingly helpful technical department at our service provider. Grumpy had tried ringing earlier in the day but had become confused at the terminology so decided to wait for me.

Which was probably a good thing as when I tried to explain things last night it ended up with me demonstrated a 'analogy' using the door to the dining room.

It also confused the heck out of Owen who I'm sure must have wondered if I had in fact finally gone nuts.

It's also been a couple of rough days at work. I'd be lying if I didn't say that my confidence has taken a little bit of a battering. This is not a easy job, far, far from it. However I was able to 'regroup' as it were this afternoon and have a long internal monologue with myself ala scrubs.
Yes I know, otherwise known as talking to yourself, where I basically told myself to relax and remember something important. I'm just out of training and got another five months to go on my probabtion. Yes I should be aiming to get everything right but it's okay if I'm not perfect. And if I keep comparing myself to everyone else I'll probably go screamingly insane inside a month.

Another thought occured to me on the bus on the way back to the car park. Not to so immodest but I wondered if the other problem might be that I was so used to being so good at my work for so long I've forgot how not to be perfect and can accept that I may not be.

I'm just going have to knuckle down and make sure I learn from all of the 'opportunities' that come my way and make sure they don't happen again.

It's going to be a long six months.

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