Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Probably for the best

It may just be my log in but if not I forsee a lot of people sitting around in darkened rooms rocking back and forth nervously unsure of what to do with out their fix.

Am I talking about drugs? Far from it, I'm talking about something else which is far more innocent looking but will snare the unwary with it's addictiveness. Yes the game Farmville on facebook appears to be down, gone, disappeared into the depths of cyberspace...... the fall of mankind is sure to follow.

Of course it could also be a sign that I spent waaayy too much time playing that game and that I could be doing something far more constructive.

Richard branson revealed his new spaceship today which will soon be taking paying passengers into space. Apparently good old Arnie unveiled the spaceship although I'm not sure having a man who made his name for being famous for blowing stuff up in movies was the best choice to reveal a spacecraft.

The third series of the Big Bang theory is due to start shortly which I can't wait for. However knowing my luck it will probably be on Wednesdays! Still Institute is due to finish for Christmas this week so that will at least give me a chance to see a few of the episodes if they are indeed going to be shown on a wednesday.

I have to admit I'm find it a little difficult to get in a christmasy frame of mind right now as it doesn't seem like it will be Christmas in only 18 days. I suppose that's in part because things have been rather here, there and everywhere over the past couple of months there hasn't been that real sense of build up I usually get as Christmas approaches.

Still here's hoping the Christmas mood kicks in soon.

Later folks!

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